The last few days I have been thinking about how people introduce their friends and family to others (if at all).  This thought has been triggered by the fact that we have been involved with a merging of two churches. There are many new people to meet and we’ve got a long way to go. It will just take some time.

Throughout my life with my AWESOME wife, Tricia, I have often been introduced as “…and this is her husband” (no name). So, I have been officially given the title of “Tricia’s husband”. And since she teaches at a private Christian school, I am also “Mrs. Edwards’ husband”. Ok, how many of you married people have been labeled the same way? Or “his brother” or “her mom”???

As I was pondering this plight, the Lord reminded me that this is exactly what we do to Him sometimes. We, unfortunately and ignorantly, make ourselves the focus of attention and the one we introduce to others. Obviously, I am not necessarily speaking of a “formal” introduction. How we present ourselves to others will give them platform to come to a general formation of our character. If humility, respect and consideration are not present, others will recognize it and form an opinion. However, if they are present, people will more than likely be drawn to your personality and towards your God.

My name does NOT hold any real power. His name does! Acts 4:12 indicates it is His name that possesses the power of salvation. He is the ONE we should be introducing to others.

I don’t really want to be seen anyway. I have faults. I have scars. I have shortcomings. I have messed up some things in my life. WHAT? You didn’t know Tricia’s husband wasn’t perfect? LOL! I don’t need my name to be in lights or proclaimed for others to recognize. NOW, let me just clarify, we ALL want to hear our name spoken – at least in a positive manner. I do want my name to become synonymous with good Godly character.

But really, just to know that I am HIS CHILD, that is enough for me! Others may never know me. But as long as the King of Kings who sits on the throne in heaven above knows me, I’m good with that. He knows my name and that’s really all that counts.

At times it may have bothered me to be introduced as “no name”, but I know how extremely blessed I am to have such an incredible, Godly wife and a cool title.  So, I am GRATEFUL to be called, “Tricia’s husband” and even better, “His child”.